Sunday, January 08, 2006

Abilify? What the Fuck?

I've been doing some research on this "new" drug, Abilify. Probably not for me, since it's supposedly for those manic-depressives who are in an acute manic phase.

Which I'm not. I tend towards dysphoria rather than the full-blown, Vivian Leigh-run-naked-in-the-street mania.

I'm a lover of drug names and it's a job I'd love to have, thinking up new, catchy names for chemical compounds. I mean, Abilify? Shit, that's fucking great! I'd love to meet the genius who thought that one up.

Sounds like something Bush would use: "Allegations that we have abilified the oil companies are false."

Tegretol. I make the connection to "integrity." You can depend on Tegretol because it's trustworthy.

Lamictal. Laminated.

Depakote. Protective coating. Sounds like Home Depot's house-brand paint.

The drug companies spend a ton of money making their pharmaceutical brand names reflect the drugs' implied function.

Umm, umm, good.

I would prefer names that reflect the actual effects, like Woozit, Tremolin, Vaguen, Zombil.

Don't get the idea that I'm anti-meds. I'm absolutely not. Medication has saved my ass many times. But despite the fact that I live in New Jersey, home to many of the major pharmaceutical companies who employ many residents here, I have no love for the pharmagreed.

Next time: If you could be cured, would you?


Anonymous said...

tegretol - in my dyslexic hearing, sounds like to regret all

but that's just in my crazy brain

Milinda said...

When I started winging out this past summer and my gp refused to change my anti-depressant (which is what we did every other time I "lost control") it may have been the best thing that happened to me. I finally have been diagnosed as bipolar. I am 45 and I have been feeling anger about losing at least 2 decades of my life. After reading what you have written, perhaps it isn't that uncommon to be diagnosed so late in life.

At any rate, my blog became my place to whiz out. While I don't regret it, I wonder now if it was the best thing for me to have done. My mother is no longer speaking to me as a result. My father, on the other hand, tells me to enjoy the peace & quiet of the next few months before she gets over it. I suspect that my father is probably right.

For what it's worth, I am on Depakote and it has been interesting watching me wind down like a top loosing spin. Now if only I could get back my reputation.

laura gayle said...

Mar, glad you've started this blog. Love your analysis of the drug names. My own -- Lexapro -- professional version of what Lex Luthor took?

ivyleaves said...

My son was hospitalized 2 yrs ago for disabling depression. They wanted to put him on Abilify, in addition to the Zoloft he was already on, in anticipation of "psychotic ideation" being revealed in testing. That didn't test out and I yanked him off it immediately due to the tardive dyskinesia (non-reversible) that is a side-effect of all anti-psychotic drugs over the long term. Turned out every teen in the place was on it, regardless of diagnosis, and I viewed it as chemical handcuffs in that situation.

Carol said...

Lamictal always makes me think of lactation. My MIL takes it.

I'm psyched for this blog. I'm gonna learn a lot.

Susannah said...

Re: Tegretol, I actually relate it to Tegrin, that dandruff shampoo. That was the one with the commercial that said "it TINGLES!!!", wasn't it? Also had the meticulously separated lather, which somehow reminded me of brain halves. Mmmm.

I wandered over from the KC. I'm not bipolar myself, but (wouldn't you know it) I have several friends who are, including one in particular who I know will be excited to see this blog.

bess said...

hi marilyn--

i am a great fan of yours from "knitting curmudgeon" and have commented and corresponded with you through that blog--
first off--hats off for creating this space--while i do not suffer from manic depression --i do suffer from depression--major episode some years back was totally crippling--counldn't work, counldn't sleep,eat,concentrate--all i could do was cry--all the time--and listen to the "noise" in my head--went down to 90 lbs--after i was put on the proper meds, and therapy and gave up self medicating--i was able to resume a "normal" life, and all--something that was helpful was a book called 'you are not alone'--i was able to read other people's experiences, recoveries and processes--it was all good--so i think your creating this forum will help so many--
lastly--the name of the blog--swing time--is just priceless-- it is yet another nod to your creativity,clevermind and wit--i am so happy to share a part in your cyber-community--good night! bess

bess said...

hi marilyn--i just wanted to check if you received my comment from last night? i can totally relate to the experience you tell of today--the crying, non responsiveness--i didn't go to the hospital--my parents and family took care of me at home with the aid of psychologist, pychartrists, meds--sad scary time--thanks for your dialog--check you out later--bess